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Our Story

Stellar Library was developed by a team of like-minded individuals, who identified a simple solution for delivering content to tablet computers in a private secure environment.


Stellar Library was developed following a MBA thesis looking at “The introduction of the iPad into the MBA program”.The key research findings demonstrated that in order for new technology to have high uptake, the technology needed to be simple to use, be enjoyable to use and have a perceived added value to the end user. Stellar Library was designed based on these principles.

The overall vision for Stellar Library is to empower organisations and individuals to effectively retain control, ownership and distribution of their e-content.

Stellar Library enables businesses and academics to maximise the potential of portable devices, such as the tablets, phone or laptops, for sharing, distributing and accessing an oranisations documentation. This will improve business processes and delivery of selected information to clients.

Stellar Library is an intuitive, reliable and secure content delivery system specifically designed for any device. It allows you to create your own private organisation library on a secure delivery platform. As a Stellar Library user you can publish all or part of your library with board of directors colleagues, students or clients.

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