Why distributing your documents via the cloud can be a boon for your business

Power Cloud tools such as Stellar Library are often taken for granted by business and individual users alike. In fact, they’ve been around long enough now that organisations can step back and evaluate the effectiveness of these systems.

The benefits of Stellar in managing and distributing sensitive data are obvious, and with a transparent licensing model it is easy to manage costs. However, it can be useful to look at the big picture and examine the costs and benefits of Cloud computing.


What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is now a ubiquitous term that seems to cover anything that is not local computing, but at heart it simply means storing and accessing data programs over the internet.

This can be Software as a Service (SaaS), which is what Stellar is, being licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.

Other Cloud services include:

  • Platform as a Service
    PaaS provides a platform allowing customers to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure themselves.
  • Infrastructure as a Service
    Iaas is internet-based computing that provides shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.


Ignoring the cloud can be costly

In New Zealand we continue to see huge cost over-runs in the public and private sector in implementing new computer systems, Cloud or otherwise, so it is valid to ask questions about the return on Cloud computing.

Up until now, many studies have suggested increased IT spending doesn’t necessarily increase organisational productivity or workflow. Instead of looking at productivity the benefits are often couched in terms such as Return on Investment or Total Cost of Ownership.

Nowadays? The benefits of Cloud computing, including the implementation of solutions such as Stellar Library, are fast being associated with increases in productivity, in a move away from past tendencies for organisation to spend more money on IT than is returned via benefits from those expenditures.

Yes, IT expenditure may have enable savings in some areas, but they were often more than made up for with extra costs such as support infrastructure. Not anymore.


These competitive advantages will have you floating on cloud nine

Advantages of sharing files via the cloud

Cloud computing is different because it is the ultimate shared resource. Again Stellar is an example, with large numbers of users being able to be brought on board without any effect on the organisation’s computing infrastructure or the need for additional support resources. The fact that Stellar is administered through the browser adds to the ease of implementation.

Some of the advantages of moving your enterprise’s computing to the cloud includes:

  • It’s easy to set up and even easier to manage
    Cloud-based services usually require no management personnel, and often run at close to 100 percent up-time. Amazon Web Services (AWS) started in 2002 and since that time AWS and other Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Google have continued to develop their technology to make it more powerful and reliable (high profile outages such as the one that struck Amazon in March 2018 not withstanding). The big deal in all this is that the staffing component of using the Cloud is more like maintaining a phone system than a computer network. It’s usually “plug-and-play”.
  • It’s future-proof and constantly updated
    Along with that you get constant hardware upgrades in the Cloud, and continuous improvements in the software such as Stellar.
  • It’s affordable and cost-effective
    These Cloud services bring another sort of reliability ‒ predictable pricing. As with most Cloud services, Stellar has a single annual licence fee, with a transparent cost structure which makes it easy to add resources as required.
  • It’s safe and secure
    Importantly, data security in a well-designed client installation is handled in the Cloud as well. No paper required. The fact that Government is now starting to move data into the Cloud is just another vote of confidence in the benefits on offer.


Stellar sends your productivity sky-high

When Stellar Library was first launched, it focused on offering easy management and distribution of sensitive documents, data, and information. With the power and reliability of today’s Cloud infrastructure, it’s able to achieve that goal.

Stellar is a secure business platform for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. Our intuitive, cloud-based software gives you complete control and visibility of all the confidential, operational and sensitive data for your organisation and simplifies workflow, irrespective of industry type.

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