Technology by Kiwis,
developed for the world

Stellar Library was developed by a team who identified the

need for a simple solution for delivering sensitive content to mobile devices

in a private secure environment.


Stellar allows businesses and organisations to take full advantage of the flexibility mobile devices allow while maintaining security and control. Our goal is to improve business processes and provide a simple and effective way for the secure delivery of content to authorised users.  Ultimately, we empower organisations and individuals to effectively retain control, ownership and distribution of their information.

Our technology was developed in New Zealand and the company is New Zealand owned and controlled.



Stellar Library is a secure document distribution system for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smart phones. Our intuitive, cloud-based software gives you complete control of all the confidential, operational and sensitive documents for your organisation and simplifies workflow, irrespective of industry type.

If you've got any questions or would like an online demonstration
Call: 0800 882 221 or +64 7 928 2233

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