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Finally, a simple to use, cost effective paperless board portal software solution that simplifies the administration and management of board processes with increased security for all board members.

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Stellar Delivers Innovative Governance

Meet the challenges of governing in an evolving world with Stellar’s Board Software. Gain crucial insights and analytics into the performance of your organisation backed by tools and features designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and compliance.

Secure Document Distribution Software & Portal

Effective Governance

Stellar’s leading software provides your board with the right technology anytime, anywhere, on any device to improve efficiencies, lower overheads, and reduce costs associated with the management and operation of Board matters.

Secure Document Distribution Software & Portal

Control & Visibility

StellarBoard offers granular, finite control and visibility across all information, documents and data. Access and user privileges are highly controllable by one primary author, with optional activity and accountability tracking.

Secure Document Distribution Software & Portal

Data Security & Encryption

Stellar ensures that the ‘Chain Of Custody’ is rigorously upheld. Any interaction requires the platform and access privileges, eliminating data leaks. All content is protected using proprietary advanced encryption technology.

Innovative Governance In A Fast-Paced World

StellarBoard provides board secretaries and members with a cost-effective platform that simplifies management, distribution, and collaboration across all board agendas, documents, and activities in one seamlessly secure environment.

  • Conduct polling and voting, questionnaires, and evaluations from within your secure StellarBoard environment.
  • Get real-time data and analytics about how the information within your StellarBoard is being used and accessed.
  • Seamlessly transition to a paperless environment and avoid the complexities of traditional  document management with greater flexibility and efficiency across your organisation from day one.

Simplify Board Meetings & Management

Spend more time leading and less time wading through irrelevant material looking for the latest updates. With instant access to all board material, members are always across the latest information and documents.

  • Collaborate instantly with the board or individuals throughout your organisation on agenda items, notes, and documents before or after a board meeting.
  • Manage agendas, documents, annotations, minutes, and board papers seamlessly from one secure, central platform.
  • Gain real-time management insights with updates between board meetings so members can keep their finger on the pulse, whether online or offline, with access anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Innovation, Without The Cost

Stellar is uniquely positioned to offer remarkable, industry-leading software for boards and enterprises at a lower cost than other similar solutions on the market.

  • Allow your organisation to thrive by enabling governance practices that are cost-effective, time-saving, and resource-efficient.
  • Have instant access to innovative technology that addresses the modern-day challenges faced in boardrooms around the world.
  • Protect your sensitive information, IP, and data with StellarBoard’s inbuilt disaster recovery solution.
  • Always be in control, on point, and up to date no matter where board members are, whether they’re online or offline.

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