Electronic Document Distribution

Achieve visibility, control, and security by distributing documents, digitally.

Circumvent insecure communication channels while retaining control and visibility anywhere, anytime, on any device with Stellar.

Regular mail, email, and other document distribution channels should be simple. Just create, store, and then hit ‘Send’ or ‘Share’. Only, it’s never that simple. And it’s far from secure.

Stellar helps your business seamlessly transition away from insecure analog and digital channels with a secure alternative for preparing, collaborating, and distributing documents to any Windows, iOS, or Android device.

Distribute while retaining complete control over your documents

Retaining control over your sensitive files shouldn’t be difficult. Stellar puts you back in control, ensuring you can push documents to mobile devices with confidence and remain in control over who, how, when, and to what level documents can be accessed all from one central location.

Don’t let your mail become a fail

Snail and email is slow, insecure, and impossible to track once you hand over your documents or hit ‘Send’. Stellar’s 360° track and trace overview makes it easy to prepare and distribute committee papers, board agendas, and schedules away from emails while retaining complete visibility.

Securely access files on any device, sans paper

Easily keep teams across important information in the office, on the go, or out on the road – sans paper – with a solution that provides safer, simpler file sharing. Stellar’s multi-level security lets you share without worrying about important documents being left sitting in mailboxes or email inboxes.

Stellar Features


Decide whether important documents can be copied, printed, or shared.


Reporting allows transparency across all documents, actions and activity.


High end encryption means documents are secure and unreadable by unauthorised parties.


Files stay backed up in the cloud, so they won’t expire even if your mobile device does.


Changes are synchronised across all devices, to avoid multiple versions of the same files.


Save time and money printing, collating  and distributing papers for meetings.

Gain complete control, visibility & security with Stellar.
Perfect for Boards, Trusts & Enterprises.

Stellar is a secure business platform for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. Our intuitive, cloud-based software gives you complete control and visibility of all the confidential, operational and sensitive data for your organisation and simplifies workflow, irrespective of industry type.

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