Why your board’s outdated document management could be putting sensitive information at risk without you realising.

Not long ago, Credit Card details were the prime target of cyber attacks around the world.

Nowadays? Things are a little different. Data and sensitive documents such as medical records, account access details, and personal files are an increasingly sought after commodity. So much so that they’re now more valuable on the black market than Credit Cards.

If you don’t know why this should scare you, chances are you haven’t been paying attention.

Documents & Data – The new target in the digital age

Opportunists, insiders, or even state sponsored hackers have a new target in their sights: you.

Dive a little deeper, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Boards, trusts, and enterprises are the modern hub of sensitive data, insider secrets, and confidential information. Not to mention day-to-day documents like memos, minutes, and meeting agendas.

With a wealth of valuable information at your fingertips, your organisation – and its executives – are now a prime target for a cyber attack.

As we discussed recently, a cyber breach is a matter of “When”, rather than “If. Could your board confidently say at this moment in time that it’s doing everything it reasonably can to protect its members and the data, documents, and information they can access?

If you’re eager to make it easy for attackers, then by all means continue business as usual. But if you’re serious about governing to the best of your ability, and avoiding the associated legal and financial repercussions, it’s time to consider embracing a new approach that keeps sensitive documents, safe.

Keeping documents secure? It’s simple with these 5 sensible solutions

Piles of paperwork and documents

1. Say sayonara to paperwork, seriously

We’d bet that few – if any – of the members currently sitting around your boardroom table enjoy working with paper. It’s a pain to manage, difficult to sort and store, and impossible to search through at short notice.

It’s also costly, but not for the reasons you’re thinking. Paper, ink, toner, and other stationery cuts into your bottom line, yes, but the ease with which it’s misplaced, lost, or forgotten is the most concerning. It may be an accident, but “It was an accident” is hardly a steadfast defense in the face of disgruntled clients, governing bodies, or large scale fines.

It’s shocking how many organisations are still hesitant to embrace change, and would rather take the risk. Transitioning to a digital environment isn’t just safer and smarter, it’s also never been easier with Stellar Library’s Board Portal Software.

2. Stop sending emails, as of yesterday

A secure environment can still be undone with the slip of a finger. In this context, consider how many times you’ve accidentally sent an email to the wrong address. When you’re sharing sensitive financial, medical, or legal documents, you can’t get that message back.

Visibility over sensitive information is paramount to your board’s ability to govern. So why are you comfortable giving up the ability to track and control a document as soon as you hit “Send”?

Once that email leaves your Inbox, the audit trail runs dry. That’s despite the document’s journey potentially continuing for who knows how long, to who knows where, and into the hands of…just about anyone.

3. Keep it encrypted in the cloud, only

The physical process of storing documents is deeply flawed, but modern software does provide solutions to these persistent problems. So when you need to safely store documents, it might be time to consider the Cloud.

Not all cloud based solutions are created equal. Some offer limited functionality, while others require 24/7 online connectivity in order to access your documents. It’s a case of one step forward, two steps back.

This isn’t the case with specialised solutions like Stellar Library’s Board Portal. Stellar’s cloud-based software offers higher levels of encryption when compared to competitors, offline access, as well as a pricing structure that means you pay for what you need, and not what you don’t.

4. Leave personal devices at home, and your work at…work

Like most boards, yours is likely under immense pressure to fulfill its responsibilities, which can often lead to late nights at the office or, worse, work following you home. The moment sensitive documents pass through those doors, you’re knowingly putting them at risk.

Your work and home office environments are completely different. One is secure and monitored by your IT staff, while the other likely relies on insecure connections, outdated operating systems, and is at a greater risk of phishing, malware, and virus threats.

Don’t think that dragging your personal devices into the boardroom is any better, either. You wouldn’t take a sick person into a hospital, so why are you taking unsecured devices into an otherwise secure environment?

If you need the ability to work on sensitive files and board documents while out of the office, at least use a secure solution like Stellar Library. With Stellar, there’s no need to place a file on a thumb drive that could fall into the wrong hands, or email files to yourself that could be stolen if your account is compromised.

Instead? Files are securely stored and accessed via the cloud, never downloaded. And with the single-button ability to remotely revoke access? You’ll never need to worry about misplacing your device ever again.

5. Audit document and account access, regularly

Speaking of access, do you know who has access to which files in your organisation at this exact moment in time? While this might not seem like a big deal, think about the number of clients who’ve come and gone, business partners who’ve parted ways, or staff who’ve walked out the door.

Do they still have access to the files that were given to or shared with them over the years?

More than that, would you know?

The last thing any organisation wants to consider is a cyber attack coming from the inside, but disgruntled employees with access to the metaphorical keys to the kingdom can cause serious damage.

With existing solutions, gaining this level of clarity as to who has access to which document, folder, or drive can be overwhelmingly complex. Not so with Stellar Library, which provides complete control over who can access files, down to minute details including the ability to edit or print.

Keeping documents safe is simpler with Stellar Library

What we’ve covered above is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ways in which your organisation can keep its documents secure in the face of past, present, and potential future threats.

Trouble is, your boardroom is busy enough getting on with the act of governing to worry about every last detail, and that’s where Stellar Library’s Board Management Software comes in. Stellar Library uniquely addresses each and every, providing secure access to documents anytime, anywhere, on any device.

It’s the kind of control a modern board like yours needs to stay safe from the increasing number of cyber security threats while achieving better board meetings.

It’s a smart solution, delivered simply.

Stellar is a secure business platform for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. Our intuitive, cloud-based software gives you complete control and visibility of all the confidential, operational and sensitive data for your organisation and simplifies workflow, irrespective of industry type.

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