Paperless Board Meetings

Embrace the efficiency, visibility, and security of a paperless boardroom.

Reduce overheads, security flaws, and downtime associated with physical documents by transitioning to paperless board meetings. It’s easy with Stellar.

Board members prefer to keep hold of physical documents. They’re real. They’re tangible. But so too are the environmental, financial, and productivity costs, not to mention the security risks of misplaced files.

Stellar enables your board to seamlessly transition away from paper and start managing and distributing documents electronically, cutting costs, increasing productivity, and ensuring important documents are kept safe.

Cut costs with Stellar’s paperless system

Minimise or even eliminate the need for paper, streamline document processing, and cut secretarial management time. Govern from the front and retain complete control over who, how, when, and to what level documents can be accessed all from one secure, central location.

Total visibility and accountability

Stellar’s 360° track and trace overview plus annotation functionality streamlines the information gathering process, minimises disruption, all while maximising visibility and efficiency. Search, access, and collaborate within a secure environment so you never miss vital information again.

Securely track, trace and modify all board documents

Relieve the stress of misplaced documents and insecure communication channels with Stellar’s electronic document distribution. You retain complete control over who can view and modify files, while Stellar’s multi-level security protocols ensure information is only accessible by approved personnel.

Stellar Features


Decide whether important documents can be copied, printed, or shared.


Reporting allows transparency across all documents, actions and activity.


High end encryption means documents are secure and unreadable by unauthorised parties.


Files stay backed up in the cloud, so they won’t expire even if your mobile device does.


Changes are synchronised across all devices, to avoid multiple versions of the same files.


Save time and money printing, collating  and distributing papers for meetings.

Gain complete control, visibility & security with Stellar.
Perfect for Boards, Trusts & Enterprises.

Stellar is a secure business platform for mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. Our intuitive, cloud-based software gives you complete control and visibility of all the confidential, operational and sensitive data for your organisation and simplifies workflow, irrespective of industry type.

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