Stellar Version 4 Now Available

Latest update brings new features, as well as a look at what’s next

In our continued efforts to provide complete control, visibility, and security for your organisation we’re happy to announce that Version 4 of Stellar is now available to all users. This release includes a number of exciting new features, including Sticky Notes, Two Factor Authentication, and new Reader Apps for both PC and Mac OS.

We recommend all those currently using Version 3 to update to this latest release. You can find links to Stellar 4.0 at the bottom of this page.


Stellar just got better. Here’s how:

  • Sticky Notes
    Our new ‘Sticky Note’ functionality headlines the Version 4 update, working like a digital version of a Yellow 3M Sticky Note. This new functionality allows the author to share content with the whole group, or stay private. When notes are shared publicly, anyone within the group can reply, allowing users to easily track conversations in a given thread.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    Stellar’s already industry-leading security has seen an improvement, with the addition of two factor authentication which further improves security and provides additional peace of mind for users.
  • Faster Synchronisation
    We’ve sped up the synchronisation process between the app and the cloud server, so all data such as annotations can be made, stored, and backed up that much more quickly.
  • Enhanced Agenda Making Processes
    You can now upload an entire folder into the collection, and Stellar will automatically generate a collection for you in seconds. This further reduces the administration time required to put together an agenda. You can even have video as part your Agenda pack!
  • Modern UI
    Stellar is now even easier to use, with an updated user interface that keeps up with the current trends.
  • Improved Annotation Features
    Annotations are now more responsive, and easier to use.
  • Improved Reporting
    Access and retrieve vital information with just a click of a button.
  • Electronic Voting
    Quickly and easily reach a consensus with Stellar’s new built-in electronic voting, which enables the group to vote on important issues within the document without relying on email or a show of hands.
  • New Apps For Both PC and Mac OS
    Stellar’s Reader App is now available across both PC and Mac OS, making it easier to keep up-to-date while you’re out and about or on the go with easy access via your laptop.
  • Beta App For Administration
    Administrative tasks no longer require a web browser. Instead, you can now carry out your administrative duties from within the app itself, which further enhances security and stops any unnecessary attacks through unknown web plugins.


What’s on the horizon?

Stellar is only going to continue to get better.  Give us a call or email: if you want to know more around the features we have on the horizon.

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