How Stellar Has Made A Difference…

Stellar is trusted by a diverse range of organisations in New Zealand and around the world.

“Stellar is the simplest and easiest way to give councillors all the documents and files they need. They use it and they love it. It’s the way forward for our council.”  – Read More..

– Barbara Whitton | Group Manager Customer Services

“Having the right information at our fingertips is a key element to the success of our company. An added advantage is that Stellar was a ‘piece of cake’ to roll out for our six sales reps. The system is essentially ‘plug and play’. We know that our reps always have current product information to hand and we’ve significantly reduced our courier use.” – Read More..

– Marketing Manager Warren Smith

“With Stellar, no one loses or misfiles information, as it’s in their personal library on their phone and tablet. The great thing about Stellar is consistency. Everyone gets the same information at the same time, and everyone is working from the right file version.” – Read More..

– John Hall, Finance Administration Manager

“Because Stellar provides full control over both access and what users can do with documents, confidentiality is not an issue. A key benefit of using Stellar is that the auditors spend less time on-site and are able to work from their own offices. Whatever we use the programme for, it all adds up to less printing and photocopying of files and more control over our information.” – Read More..

– Glenda Dufaur – Bay Venues

“We have significantly increased the ease and timeliness of board paper distribution to the Directors, at a much-reduced cost. Importantly, Directors can read papers as soon as they are uploaded into Stellar Library rather than having to wait until the entire pack arrives. Its a great improvement on where we were.” – Read more..

– Dr Dale Towers, Chairman, Vigilance Limited

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"Having the right information at our finger tips is a key element to the success of our company."

Warren Smith, Marketing Manager, Pharmabroker NZ

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